AFTERSCHOOL Kahi (Park Gahee) Watercolor Portrait Painting

This is my watercolor portrait painting (and some pastel too) of Afterschool Park Kahi (or Park Gahee). 
Of course, she’s now officially a solo artist, but most people will still think of Kahi as the first leader of Afterschool.

Afterschool was the second K-pop group that got me addicted to Kpop and Kahi’s amazing dancing was one of the main reasons that got me hooked. Yes that’s right. I’m a Playboy (Afterschool Fan), a SONE, AND a Kamilia! (I’m a fan of other groups too, feel free to guess who!)

My first impression of Kahi was that she was the cool “bad girl” of Kpop (I even thought of her as the Angelina Jolie of Kpop) because her style was so strong/sexy (and her awesome tattoos! *_* ). She really embodies the word “independent.” Then as I saw her interact with the Afterschool members and how she looked after them, I started to see the caring side of her as well and she became an even more interesting/amazing person to me.

So I made this watercolour portrait painting video of Kahi to celebrate the next step in her career. Here’s a little taste of her solo efforts:

 This video is also to celebrate her “children”‘s comeback as the amazing group that “Appa Kahi” raised them to be. So. Awesome.

I got a lot of requests from you guys for color portraits, so this is the first in many color portraits I’ll be doing for you all. I’ll still be doing pencil sketches too, but I hope to do a lot of watercolor portrait paintings whenever possible.

*Point of interest:
I have to write “” on my hand from now on in my videos because people have been trying to steal my videos and re-upload them on websites (including on YouTube) pretending that it’s their videos. Hopefully this will stop their crazy antics. At first I wasn’t happy, but since I was able to stop at least one of them, now I just feel flatterred 😉  (btw, thanks to PixelReason subscriber FupaPuff for letting me know about that crazy person!)

*Random Point of interest:
Did you know Park Kahi was born on December 25? Well now you do 😀

*Here’s a classic performance that I still continue to watch to this day. So impressive!

Thanks again, everyone! And let me know who you’d like to see me draw/paint next!

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