Happy Birthday SNSD Tiffany Watercolor Painting

Happy Birthday SNSD Tiffany Hwang!! Fany, I’ve made this painting for you and all your SONE fans to celebrate this special day!

“Brighter than jewels” Tiffany is from the same state I grew up and currently live in (California). So I often daydream about one day meeting her while she’s visiting her family in Diamond Bar, California. (Although, I’m here in America, SNSD and other Kpop groups tend to hold concerts down here in Los Angeles once in a while, so there’s still hope! Lol)

Update: a lot of older videos have been removed from Youtube so here’s a more recent clip:

I really don’t know why this is one of the random things that sticks in my memories of Tiffany, but it is. So now it will be for you too ;P  Yuri asking Tiffany if she knows what a “bottari” is. Yuri AND Tiffany speaking English. YulTi woohoo 🙂


I really like these FanCams of SNSD (Girls’ Generation) where they look back at the person filming and start being funny. Perfect example?


Well, I hope Tiffany had a GREAT Birthday today and I’ll see you guys in a few days on the 5th Year Anniversary of SNSD/Girls’ Generation!

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