SNSD Girls’ Generation – Jessica Jung Sketch

In celebration (and anticipation) of Korean girl-group SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation) appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman this Tuesday (January 31, 2012), I did a sketch of one of the members of the group. This is Jessica Jung.

It’s interesting that after years of people telling me I should listen to K-Pop (Korean pop music) and me finally giving in and trying it out this past year, I’m totally hooked. Of course it doesn’t make me like other music any less, but damn that kpop is addicting.

*Point of interest: I wanted to do a drawing of SNSD so I looked up an image of Jessica on my cellphone real quick and just used for reference as I drew this. To top that off, I drew this with a random #2 pencil that I found lying around.

Btw, Girls’ Generation will also be appearing on Live! with Kelly (no more Regis? Wow, I’m out of touch 😛 ) later this week.

*Video of me drawing this piece is coming very very soon…

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