KARA Nicole Drawing

This is Kara’s Nicole Jung. She grew up in the same area I grew up and currently live- Glendale, California. Kara is the group that got me addicted to K-Pop. So this was a lot of fun for me to make for you guys.

There’s alot of great clips of Nicole on Star Golden Bell, Strong Heart, and other variety shows showing her charm on YouTube.

Nicole speaking English is pretty cool to hear too. So be sure to check out those videos! I’ve already shown that I’m a SONE (SNSD fan) with my other videos, but I’m definitely just as much a Kamilia (KARA fan). And it’s pretty cool that SNSD and Kara are friends too 🙂

Music is Jumping Remixed by the awesome Areia Creations. Check out their channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/areiacrea…

And tell them PixelReason sent you! Keep in mind that I’m a big fan of other groups too, so feel free to request your favorite people in the comments and chances are good that I’ll draw them too!

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