Kim HyunA and KMUSIC Watercolor Painting

This painting is 4Minute’s Kim HyunA (aka Hyun-a aka Hyun ah).
This was commissioned by Jae Sama, the CEO/Founder of the Kpop-website KMUSIC.
KMUSIC also featured me in an article along with an interview! Be sure to check out the article on and show your support in the comments of the article!
With Gangnam Style with PSY, HyunA has probably been discovered by millions of people who never even knew what KPOP was/is. But let’s also not forget her HUGE YouTube hit Bubble Pop in 2011.
Kim HyunA is known for her sexy image and aggressive dance style, but for her true fans, HyunA is much more well known/loved for her dorky funny personality. Any talk show apperances or her time on IY (Invincible Youth) will have you becoming her fan in no time!*Point of interest: If you look at the subscribe button at the end of this painting video, you’ll notice it’s Hyuna’s favorite color yellow and I gave it a little bit of the same style as the 4Minute logo (the pixel-squares) 🙂

My favorite HyunA song:
HYUNA – ‘CHANGE’ (Official Music Video)
Hyuna funny moments 2
HyunA’s new song:
HYUNA – ‘Ice Cream’ (Official Music Video)
HYUNA – ‘Bubble Pop!’ (Official Music Video)
A little bit of HyunA’s live dancing :20’s Choice_Hyuna(현아) “Bubble Pop!”
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