SNSD Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Drawing

By very popular request, here’s a drawing of the beloved “kid leader” of SNSD (Girls’ Generation): Kim Taeyeon ! (aka Taengoo, aka Ajumma Taeng, aka Jumma Taeng, aka TaeTae) “Ajumma” means Old Lady (but not quite a grandma) in Korean. And people have nicknamed her an “Ajumma” because she reacts to things and laughs like old korean ladies do.

This piece was drawn with the same #2 pencil that I found and used for my Jessica Jung video. The paper is basic sketch paper that I bought at Office Depot.

I’m also considering doing another drawing of Taeyeon in the future with the famous “Taeyeon wink !”

Watching SNSD Girls Generation perform “The Boys” on Live! with Kelly Ripa got me in the mood for this song. I think all SONEs have been pretty excited about the Live with Kelly performance and other SNSD U.S. events like the Best Buy signing and countless Soshi twitter updates during this past week. It’s a good time to be a Kpop fan right now 😀

Music is a remix of “The Boys” by the ever-awesome Robotaki! Check out his channel here:

*If you’re new to SNSD, then you might not recognize what I drew underneath my signature. It’s 3 green peas in a pod called “Dukong.” They’re a character from the movie Toy Story 3 and this character(s) is one of Taeyeon’s favorite things at the moment. Fans bring her lots of Dukongs as gifts at fan meets and signings. Taeyeon is also seen carrying around her stuffed doll Dukongs all the time. 

Here’s some nice clips of Taeyeon acting like an Ajumma. I linked it to start at a nice dorky part, but the whole video is pretty funny:

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